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Sacred Wheel

In 2007, Sacred Path decided to build a Sacred Wheel. After researching and visiting other Sacred Wheel sites, Sacred Path founders came up with a design and started to work preparing the earth. Once the earth was prepared a volunteer agreed to lay stones and compete the rest of the work. This was an awesome undertaking requiring over 400 hours of labor, 8 tons of stones, 41/2 tons of gravel, 30 landscape timbers, and 30 inches of rebar.

The Sacred Wheel was completed in August of 2009 and has a built- in sundial, directional stone markers, a fire circle and a cross. The cross design dates back to the Knights Templars. This cross design can be seen today on the stained glass windows of modern churches through out the world. Medicine Wheels date back to Egyptian pyramids to Stonehenge.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of the wheel. A special thanks, to Kenneth Smith, who volunteered many hours of his time and labor to make the wheel a reality.

How is the wheel to be used?

There are many known ways to utilize the wheel, and other ways that have been forgotten with time. Some uses of the wheel include prayer, meditation, ritual healing, astronomical purposes, ceremony and teaching. Originally, and still today, sacred wheels are stone structures. The direction stones are visited for a specific purpose.

Native American tribes are often associated with medicine wheels. Each tribes vary in the custom they use to walk the wheel, however, the basic principles are the same focusing on insight, strength, healing and grounding to mother earth. Many tribes use animal totems to mark specific areas or places on the wheel. Sacred Path’s wheel contains five main points that are visible. These are the four directions and the center. Many more points can be calculated for specific reasons. There is no limit to the number of positions on a wheel. Sacred wheels appear all over northern United States and southern Canada, specifically South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Over 70 ancient wheels have been found in these areas and have been dated back to over 5,000 thousand years ago. Some are extremely large with a diameter greater then 12 meters across. There is evidence of dancing within some of the wheels. Other wheels were probably used as part of a ritual vision quest.

A vision quest is a rite of passage. It can occur at any age and is often marked as a turning point in one’s life. Some Native American tribes send young adults on a vision quest, where they seek an animal totem to help guide their future and direction in life. Some cultures believe the wheel represents the circle of life or the universe. It is said that individual experiences are often subject to the emotional, spiritual, and physical make-up of the person.

Many people visit the wheel to walk the circle, show honor to the creator and, to meditate. Sacred Path has books and other materials to use as guides to the wheel. In addition, Sacred Path offers participants the opportunity to learn about specific ways of using the wheel, and join in guided mediations inside the wheel.

Contributed by: Deb Edmonds

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